GEMINI Big Data Center

The GEMINI Big Data Center is a cooperation between SINTEF, NTNU and the University of Oslo in the area of Big Data Technologies and applications

The Center was established in April 2016

The Center is focusing on research and innovation with 5 different big data technology areas.

  1. Big Data Visualisation and User Interaction
  2. Big Data Analytics
  3. Big Data Privacy and Security
  4. Big Data  Processing Architecture
  5. Big Data Management

The Center is working with a number of sectors and industrial domains, also in collaboration with other institutes and departments in the respective organisations, including

  1. Energy
  2. Building and Construction, Smart Buildings
  3. Smart Industries, including Manufacturing,Industry 4.0,  and Industrial Internet, Process Industries
  4. Marine/Ocean: Shipping, Fisheries&Aquaculture
  5. Telecom
  6. Transport
  7. Smart Cities and Communities
  8. Health
  9. Media
  10. Petroleum, Oil&Gas
  11. Government
  12. Environment (Ocean, Air, Land)

Educational support on Big Data is based on courses on Big Data technologies from NTNU and the University of Oslo.

A Big Data toolkit is being established based on the Apache Big Data Stack, and on software offerings from the partners, as well as through collaborations with industrial partners

An Innovation space based on access and innovative applications related to the available data sets from the various sectors and industrial domains is in development.